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Wrestlefest is Canada's largest LGBTQIA+ social gathering of people interested in all things wrestling. From submission, to freestyle, to pro, to boxing, show off your moves and meet other like-minded wrestlers. 

JULY 26-28, 2024

Join the action

Wrestlefest is a gathering of people interested in all things wrestling - submission, pro, freestlye, boxing - you name it! There's no formal format and you're free to schedule matches as you wish.

Meet fellow wrestlers from across Canada and around the world!

While the majority of participants will belong to the LGBTQIA+ community, everyone is welcome. 

How does Wrestlefest work?

Meet wrestlers in the heart of downtown Toronto!

You're free to message participants and schedule matches as you wish.

The fest will be centred around hotels near the Village, with group social events happening daily. 


Plan your stay

Make the most of your Wrestlefest Canada experience by being in the heart of the action. We've selected a few hotels in the heart of Toronto's gay village to make coordinating matching and hanging out off the mats as easy as possible. 

Don't miss out

Join fellow wrestlers at social events happening throughout the weekend.

Want the latest news on WrestfleFest Canada events? Stay up to date on all the latest everything Wrestlefest Canada. 

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